zaterdag 7 november 2015

Finishing the puppets

After finishing the facial replacements

I asked my mother in law Annemiek du Cloo and my friend Danielè Knirim to sew the clothes of the puppets. They are very good in making detailed work and are very precise. I was very glad they wanted to help me!

I still had to think of a way to make suitable eyebrows and eyelids. I came up with the idea of make them out of paper to match the rest of the design of the design and set.

How big do the eyebrows need to be?

 The final eyebrows with the eyelids

By using the lasercutter at Rogier Wieland's place, where I also could build up the set and make the animation, it was possible to cut the eyebrows and eyelids and a lot of spare ones when the original pares where used or lost. I used some Blu-Tack to make them stick on the face of the puppets.

Preparing replacements and eyebrows/lids on set 

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