zaterdag 7 november 2015

On set

Because I couldn't finish my film in time at the final presentation of the graduation in June, the teachers gave me a re-examination in August. The art academy is closed during the summer holidays, so Rogier Wieland and Danièle Knirim made their studio available for me to finish the production and post-production of my graduation film. I am very thankful for that!

I still had to finish the puppets and some details for the set. See the 'Building set and props' and 'Finishing the puppets' post on my blog. Up next is making a detailed PreViz (PreVizualisation) before starting animation. By making a PreViz first I can check if every camera angle, timing of the shots, lighting, and the movement of the characters are telling the story.

 Shot tests with the almost-finished puppets

Norbert just finished his PreViz

Now that the PreViz is finished Toon Habraken can start composing the music for the film. He is a very talented versatile composer who can play a range of instruments. I contacted him during the pre-production of the film. He was very interested in my project, and I was very enthusiastic that he could and would help me!
Check out his website to hear more of the great compositions he made:

I showed the PreViz to a few people and received some very useful feedback. I made some notes on the shotlist to change the order of the shots to tell a clearer story.

A short version of the shotlist

Now I have got all the components to make the final animation! But, I only have one and a half week left to complete my film before the re-examination deadline... No time to waste!

While I was animating, Toon was very busy with the composition. He made some very nice music for the first version of the PreViz. After some feedback moments he had a final version for my PreViz and eventually for the final film. He managed to make a beautiful jazzy composition which captures and communicates the feeling of Norbert and matching the timing of the movements of the all the characters in the film. I am very happy with the end result!

'Reserved' a spot for the couple

You better watch out Norbert... 

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