zaterdag 7 november 2015

Drink glasses

From the beginning of the concept I thought of using real tiny drink glasses in my film. But it was impossible to find different kind of glass on the right scale. I was in contact with a friend of mine who said to know someone with the right glass blow skills to make the tiny drink glasses I had in mind. His name is Robert Lambermont, a spatial designer with a broad range of skills. He makes objects made of wood, plastic, glass and metal. 
Check out his website too see all the awesome projects he has made:

I made every kind of glass I needed out of clay on the right scale

Inside glassworks 'Van Glas' in Amsterdam -

In deep concentration...

The clay version and the final result

All the final drink glasses in a row

I thought of putting some liquid silicone in it, or even real water with a colour pigment. But that would not match the rest of the design of the characters and the set and it would even not be handy using a liquid solution when animating the shots. So used coloured paper to depict the drinks.

Two shots from the film with filled drink glasses

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