dinsdag 16 juni 2015

Necks and facial replacement

I used the same modelling and moulding technique to make to necks of the puppets.

Afterwards I started to make a first detailed model with plastiline clay. I liked the result. It pretty much looks like the 2D character Julia Jager drew for me.

I had to make a decision where to make the cutting line for the jaw replacement. I also carved away the mouth to make a hole to put white plasticine in, so I can in-between the animation of the mouth.

The next casting steps were almost the same as when I made the hands and feet of the puppets, but this time I made a silicone mould for the plasticine head and replacement.

 I made a few tests to know for sure I could get rid of the bubbles in the PU resin.

And eventually put the neck into the silicone mould and casted the PU resin head.

A recording that shows how the magnetic jaw replacement works

Plasticine mouth tests

Facial replacement, from Norbert's to Molly's

Failed replacement castings... 
Mostly because of air captured inside the mould

 Modelling Molly's hair

 Casting of Molly's hair

Colour tests on replacements and hair

 All kinds of expressions; the replacements are finally finished!

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