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Period 13 - Teaser EYE

The final assignment, before starting to begin with the graduation, is making a teaser for the EYE Movie Archive (Filmarchief) in Amsterdam.

End result teaser EYE 'Angst voor het moderne' ('Modern anxiety')


The EYE collection includes 37,000 film titles, 60,000 posters, 700,000 photographs and 20,000

books. The earliest materials date from the start of the film industry in the Netherlands in 1895.
Our class visited the EYE Movie Archive in Amsterdam. Mette Peters was our contact person from the Archive. She and two other men from the Archive gave us a presentation about the collection. They are our fictive clients. They want us to make a teaser about a part of the archive with a duration of approximately 60 seconds. 
The theme I was interested in was 'Angst voor het moderne' (Modern anxiety). The posters they showed us were Illustrated moments of an action. Like a ship that was sinking, a car that nearly crashes etc. 


Representing the former fear of the modern anxiety by using short thrilling scenes. Three posters will come to live.

This poster was the inspiration of my concept

These are the three posters I choose to use in my animation.

First storyboard
I downloaded existing paper models and put them together with scissors and some glue. This took me a whole afternoon. I made some shots to show a the story I wanted to tell with consecutive images.
At the pitch the client told me they liked the idea of bringing the posters to life. They find it very playful and imaginative. But the sequence of the story can be more better. The development still lacks sophistication. The client thought the paper models are a bit childish and simple and may not be able to communicate the concept to the viewer. I thought their feedback was very useful. I am going to improve my work in the next couple of weeks.

3D modelling & Pepakura Designer

I made my own interpretation of the vehicles on the posters in 3D by using the program Cinema 4D. I exported these files as .dxf files and imported them in the program Pepakura Designer. After that I could make a cut out version of each 3D model with a lasercutter. Then I folded each part and glued it together.

Moving storyboard

This is my improved storyboard. Jeroen Buskes, a friend of mine, made the music for the montage.

Montage models


Shooting animation

I shot the animation in 5 working days at the academy. There were some technical problems but I finished it in time.


This was my first commercial assignment. We had to pitch it to a client,, made a quotation and an invoice. All this was very interesting and handy for my future after my graduation.
I made a technical development in this assignment. I worked with these programs before at my internship at Rogier Wieland but I improved it by modelling my own models and folding them together into real three dimensional objects.
I achieved the realisation of my ideas and planning. Beacause of some health issues I didn't made it in time to give a presentation of my teaser in the EYE Filmmuseum. But I managed to finish it in time before the second version of all of the teasers were handed out to Mette Peters.

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