maandag 29 december 2014


The animated films I made so far!

(You can also watch them on my Vimeo account :)

Animating different scales and designs of Rubik's cubes in stop motion
BVR Einlagensicherung

Showreel 2014

Animated zebra's and birds in stop motion
Hermès Zebra Pegasus 

LEGO China - Adventure in the City

FIFA - Football Development

FIFA - Anti-match manipulation

FIFA - Anti-discrimination

Teaser EYE 'Angst voor het moderne' ('Modern anxiety')

Booktrailer minor I.N. 'Alles wat er was'

Lip sync 'Mijn Rust' ('My tranquility')

Animation Days 'Verwaterd' ('Diluted Memories')

Animation & Special Effects 'Doze'

3D Character

3D Environment

Presentation Minor Graphic Art

Stop motion animation 'Premonition'

2D animation 'Sticky Situation'

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