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Period 12 - Internship Rogier Wieland


Rogier Wieland is a creative director and animator based in the Hague, the Netherlands. Rogier makes audiovisual projects together with the lovely Danièlle, his interns, friends and cat Jippie. He often uses materials like paper, cardboard and wood.
I was very pleased when Rogier told me I could do my internship at his studio! He is a very talented man who makes beautiful stop motion animations.

My first day at the studio!

People working at Rogier's studio

                            Rogier and his cat Jippie                 Danièle

                            Suus                                                  Pieter-Henk, Nadine and Kazuma

                            Yoana                                                Mickey

                           Iris (intern)                                        Sharon and me (interns)


Rogier had to complete 3 animated commercials for the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) Elements Campaign in 12 weeks time. In the last 4 weeks I hopped in as an intern. Rogier asked me to build some parts of the sets of FIFA Anti-match manipulation, and also to animate a few scenes:
FIFA Football development.
   - The part at the end shot with the FIFA logo appearing in the grass.
FIFA Anti-match manipulation.
   - The opening shot.
   - The digital reference animation of hands grabbing in the direction of the footballs.
   - The end shot; together with Suus, Mickey and Danièle.
FIFA Anti-discrimination.
   - Layed and replaced football stuff on synthetic grass and paving stones. Everyone made a piece of the animation.

 Some making-of shots

FIFA - Football development

FIFA - Anti-match manipulation

FIFA - Anti-discrimination

LEGO (Shanghai)
LEGO_Adventure in the City
And a short making-of video!

The LEGO commercial is about a boy who tells about his imagination of his LEGO creations that come to life. We used a mix of live action and stop motion animation.
I was responsible for the dinosaur in the movie. Rogier asked me to find a way to bring a dinosaur to life with LEGO. I found a free 3D model of a dinosaur. I made a walk cycle and a loop of a few frames so we could animate his neck and mouth (roar cycle) when he is standing still. Together with Gijs Leijdekkers we found a way to export the frames to a 3D dinosaur. The next step was to make a building instruction for every dino. Iris, Suus and me were building 17 frames of a large dinosaur for the walk cycle in two weeks. Suus also made the LEGO dino roar cycle with 9 head replacements.

Before leaving for holidays, at the end of my internship, I animated a scene with firetrucks, firemen and a helicopter leaving the fire department to rescue the citizens in the city.

Cubed 'The Diver'

Not yet released. More information and pictures coming soon!

During my internship at Rogier Wieland I was able to work on great projects from FIFA, LEGO and my own Cubed Project.
Rogier has shown me that I shouldn't work to detailed on some of the tasks in the production of an animation. Time plays a major role in making animation tests. It does not have to be perfect, that's the reason why it is a test. I'll keep this in mind on my next project.
The people who work at Rogier have their own specialties. It was great to work with such a disciplined group of hard working people. We have had a lot of fun!
This internship had been positive for broadening my creative mind. At first I only had eyes for puppet animation. Now I have experienced a broader range in the field of animation by having the opportunity to work at Rogier's studio. This suited me very well.
By using my knowledge in 3D software I have discovered new ways of using digital visualizations and animations as a guide for creating stop motion animations. For me this was a great discovery regarding the creative and technical aspect in a pre-production phase.
I've also grown a lot on a personal level. I got to know myself better. I've learned what my strengths and weaknesses are in my work, behaviour and cooperation with others. The critical opinions and reflections of Rogier on my work has made me stronger. Therefore the argumentation I can give about my own actions and work are grown too.
The contacts that Rogier had with the advertising agencies gave me a clearer view of the communication and negotiating position of the designer and artist in the commercial world.
Rogier and Danièle are very spontaneous, friendly, approachable and straight to the point. These characteristics provide an open an nice atmosphere in the studio. They have a positive impact on everyone who visit and work at the studio. I am very thankful that Rogier gave me the opportunity to be his intern. It was a great time. One I will never forget.

For more information about Rogier Wieland and his work:

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