woensdag 6 mei 2015


The hands are finished! Now I am going to make the feet of both Molly and Norbert. The design of the feet is not that important, because they are not often to be seen on screen. That's why they don't have to be too detailed. I didn't want to lose a lot of time modelling a left and right leg, so I made one universal foot for both characters. I started with Molly's feet because it was the most difficult model to make.

The two parts are ready. So let's clean then up.

First foot done! It worked out just fine. 
Just had to add some extra black silicone on the shoe to fill up the white moulding lines.

Let's model Norbert's feet

First part and second part of the mould

Drying, waiting, ping!

It wants to break free!

I made a quick casting test with transparant silicone

 Adding the first layer of coloured silicone

Norbert's left (or right) foot is finished! 
The second foot is in the making

Et voilà!

UP NEXT: Modelling and casting the Poly Urethane resin heads of Norbert and Molly.

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