dinsdag 21 april 2015

2D characters

Third years St. Joost Animation student Anna Blom is going to help me with the 2D animated characters in my graduation film the next couple weeks. I am very thankful that she would like to help me with my film. She's a very good 2D character animator.

I made an overview with a 2D character placeholder of the businessman. These shots are a good approximation of the camera positions I am going to use. With these sheets Anna knows which angle the characters has to be positioned in and how the characters have to move in each shot.

Anna positioning a character on the right heights of the chair and table

A colouring test with and without shadow

A few cut-out tests Anna made on set with an actual set replacement.

These are a few shots Anna animated

Anna's internship is done, but there are still some shots to be done; 2D animation and the colouring. I need all the help I can get to finish the film in August.

After my first deadline in June I was afraid I couldn't finish my film in August, because I didn't find any person who has time to help me and has the right skills to resume the work of Anna.
Second years students Carlo Pietramale and Willem van den Boomen, friends Iris van den Akker and Max Peterse, and classmates and friends InĂªs Fernandes, Jolijn Schuurmans, Remco Brouwer, Martijn van den Bosch and Nikki de Vos offered me their help finishing the animation and colouring of the 2D characters. I am very happy to have such friends! :)

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