dinsdag 27 januari 2015

Storyboard and PreViz

Image (camera and color/design)
The camera angles are simple and straight to the point. I used many wide shots to show the atmosphere of the scene and to illustrate the loneliness of Norbert. The actions are often shown in a medium shot, and the facial expressions in close-up. When one action changes into the other the shot switches to add more dynamics to the story. I will only add a camera movement if a motion control rig is available for use.
In the next better and improved storyboard I am going to make the introduction of the character more clean. Also I am going to work out the ending of the story. It has to be less obvious that Eggbert is observing Winnie's fail to make contact in the same way he did with the group of friends. The ending has got to have a twist.

Storyboard V1

Afterwards, near the end of the production, I made a Previz(ualisation) on set of my improved storyboard. By making the Previz I will have a better view of depth in my story and camerawork.

PreViz Turn the Tables

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