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Synopsis and characters

'Turn the Tables' (working title) is about a young man named Norbert who is going out for dinner by himself. He sees all sorts of people socializing with each other. Norbert wants to join them. He tries to make contact with these people in different ways. Unfortunately he is a little bit socially awkward. This results in hilarious and embarrassing situations.

Character names
- Egbert
- George
- Ricky
- Edward
- Willy
- Eugene
- Melvin
- Alfred
- Walter
- Norbert
- Earl

- Winnie
- Suzie
- Barbara
- Betty
- Peggy
- Connie
- Wanda
- Olivia
- Barbara
- Minny
- Molly

Norbert; is a well maintained and quirky 30 year old single man. He takes good care of himself and his environment. His hobbies are cleaning up and playing badminton. Norbert had an odd way of communicating. He is looking for contact with other people but has no idea what the social norms and values are in several kind of situations (in the restaurant, park, cinema etc.)
The other characters in the restaurant are different types of groups of people.
The newly weds; are not losing each other out of sight. Besides sharing a carafe of wine they are also sharing each other's food. They often kiss and regularly grab each other hands.
The cheerful group of friends; who are talking with each other. Real Burgundian people, who enjoy life. Every time they receive a new pot of beer from the waiter, they bring out a new toast. Occasionally they are producing a remarkable and recognisable loud volume peak.
The dull businessman; who wants to enjoy his dinner and evening on his own. He just came from his boring office job, and is therefore still hoisted in his suit. After he had eaten a bit, he continues preparing his presentation for tomorrow's client.
Molly; has the same characteristics as Norbert. She is an 28 year old and is in the prime of her life. She loves playing tennis and likes to read manuals.

Set design

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