maandag 20 januari 2014

Period 10 - Lip-sync

End result lip sync 'Mijn Rust' ('My tranquility')

After the result of my brainstorm at the beginning of this term, to make a lip-sync animation, I came up with the idea of using the themes 'quiet and silence'. I started to write a simple poem because I am interested in telling poetic stories and want to present myself as a stop motion animator and designer:

'Even weg van alle hectiek,
Eén moment alleen,
Zonder stress en paniek,
Geen drukte om me heen.

Afgezonderd van de massa,
Verzonken in gedachten.
Een moment van stilte,
Genietend van de eenvoud.

Hier vind ik mijn rust'.

English translation:

'Far away from all the hustle and bustle,
One moment alone,
No stress, no rush,
No fuss.

Secluded from the mass,
Lost in my thoughts.
One moment of silence,
Enjoying simplicity.

Here I will find my tranquility'.

Character design

Ink drawings

Digital results

Chosen version

Building the puppet

 Endresult puppet

Set design

 Digitale designs

Set building

 Endresult set; light and darkness 

Set installation


Lip-sync test


Self made reference material


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