vrijdag 6 december 2013

Period 9 - Special Effects

This period was marked by the combination of live action and animation (or vice versa). In small groups a simply storyline was conceived and executed with one to three actors/characters. Jeoffrey, Shivon, Sophie, Lina and me worked together because we have a common interest in creating a animation with a handmade feel. After making a analog test we decided to make the animation in digital cut out instead of analog, otherwise we couldn't get the film finished in time.
We were asked to make a making of to give a good impression of the work process and atmosphere during the period.

Endresult 'Doze'

Making of 'Doze'

Brief explanation of the process

This time I took the role of producer on me, because me and the others found it nice that I had an overview and structure on the schedule and tasks. In addition, I contacted the actors and found a producer who could make the music for our film. I also made a few treatments, the analog a couple of digital animation tests, and animated some animation scenes.
It was difficult to work with five different people who each have their own strong opinions in the process of making a film. However, the collaboration was very good. We had a balanced division of labor that was well respected and worked in a great atmosphere together, so there were no delays during the production.

Planning and task devision


Animatic 'Doze'


Analog cut-out test

Digital cut-out test; Bente running

Digital cut-out test; Marije running

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